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English (CA)   $5,000,000 Poker Classic  -  Categories: Poker News  -  @ 12:59:00 am

Ongame Network is pleased to announce The Poker Classic, a tournament with a record-breaking guaranteed prize pool of $5 million and at least $1 million for the final winner! This will be the largest-ever guaranteed prize for an event that starts online. It is an exclusive event where the players can ONLY enter through qualifying rounds held on Ongame Network operators' websites, including Betsson


English (CA)   10 High Texas Hold'Em  -  Categories: Poker News  -  @ 01:01:36 am

is a variation on today's most popular poker card game. Game play is a traditional hand of Texas Hold'Em heads up against the dealer.

There are 3 options to wager:
1. Bet -Beat the dealer heads up - High Card is good enough to win.
2. 10+ - Win a multiplier if you make a pair of 10's or better using a 10 from you hole cards
3. Proposition bet - Win a fixed amount for making a poker hand greater than 3 of a kind

10 High Texas Hold'Em is the first table version of Texas Hold'Em online with this style of game play and exemplifies the importance of new online casino table games Look for new game play versions of Table Texas Hold'Em to be released later in the year

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