Read this before you Gamble!

By Tony

1) Discipline
2) Given time the result is inevitable
3) Before you can learn how to win you must learn how to lose
4) Recommended games have bets opposites: Craps, Roulette, and Mini Baccarat.
5) The house edge is the mathematical advantage built in to casino payoffs.
6) Dog wood edge; keep the game moving until the preferred side wins.
7) Don’t forget, compulsion works against you when you’re losing or winning.
8) Compulsion is the most destructive.
9) Make sure you have time, money, access to casino and strategy.
10) Have company don’t play along to detach you from the intoxicating effects of gambling
11) You’re last longer if you are conservative
12) Winning five to ten times on the road is not uncommon.
13) When this happens, try to exploit these positive events.
14) The opposite can happen also take a walk.
15) Put limits on losses so you don’t chase your losses.
16) Keep your expectations realistic and don’t give your gains back to the house.
17) Take your time analyze before you play.
18) And if you drink don’t gamble!